Heavy duty shelving system is designed for storing medium and heavy goods. It is a safe and adaptable system and easy to adjust as per the changing requirements. Heavy-duty shelving racks can store a wide variety of items and provide direct access to all stored items. These systems are based on the “person-to-product” principle and products are deposited and retrieved manually from shelves.

More importantly, heavy-duty shelving racks is versatile and makes excellent use of the warehouse height. The higher levels in the system can be accessed using equipment that lifts the order picker to the required.

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  • Raw Material Storage.
  • Finished Goods Storage.
  • Bin Storage.

    Another advantage is their ability to be configured in different combinations to cover all warehousing needs, including multi-level storage applications. The extensive range of accessories available makes it the most customizable shelving unit available. Heavy-duty shelving racks is also frequently used in mixed storage systems that combine shelving. In mixed storage systems, the top shelves are used for storing palletized stock and the bottom shelves house stock meant for manual picking.

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