Multi-tier shelving is the construction of shelving at two or more levels using the same components used for selective pallet racking or heavy duty shelving. Multi-tier Shelving is suitable for medium to large size warehouses. It is ideal for storage and distribution of large small parts SKUs.

Multi-tier shelving provides storage space at multiple levels, thus maximizes the utilization of vertical space available in a warehouse, making it easier for businesses to store more of their inventory, thereby increasing the capacity of the warehouse as a whole. Smart Storage System offers wide range of decking options to fulfill your exact requirements. Various accessories like divide panels, partitions, side plates, can be used for division of storage areas and levels for stacking multiple products.

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  • E-commerce.
  • Retail Distribution Center(RDC).
  • Warehouse Application.
  • Records Mangement.
  • Efficient storage solution for large number of small parts with fractioned turnover
  • Highly versatile and robust storage system
  • Optimum utilization of warehouse vertical space
  • Compact storage with manual handling
  • Direct and safe access to each load level and stored items
  • Adjustable/ Flexible configuration to adapt to the changing storage requirement
  • Flexible decking options like steel shelves, mesh decks, perforated panels and MDF decking to suit your needs

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