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Heavy Duty Shelving Rack

At Smart Storage systems, we always say that the ideal storage systems are those which prioritize optimization of both surface space and space at height. When choosing the solution that best adapts to the requirement of an organization, there are several angles at play, quite literally at times, because not all industrial racking systems offer the same capacity or cannot induce maximum productivity of a warehouse. In simpler words, you can’t fit a rectangle in a round hole.
The load volume, horizontal and vertical space of surface, inflow and outflow of space or access requirement to pallet loading, are factors that must be considered before deciding on which storage system to implement.

Storage systems can be classified according to whether the load is for pallet racking or for picking, the level of automation or the management method. Another major classification is that of the compact pallet storage systems, those in which maximum use of space is prioritized. This compaction of the storage space is normally achieved by reducing or eliminating the work aisles.

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Mezzanine Floors

Compact storage systems are those that meet the above-mentioned characteristics. The main generic advantages they offer are as follows:
• Maximum optimization of space: when the surface area of the warehouse is small or the cost of extending it is high, compact pallet systems offer almost full use of the whole surface area.
• Orderly logistics management: load compaction requires exhaustive stock diligence, without room for more arbitrary stock controls and management.
• Close reference control: compact storage solutions are of excellent use when there are multiple pallets for the same reference.
Although the main objective of racks by Smart Storage systems is to maximize storage capacity, both at height and on the surface, it is also true that the different solutions based on industrial racking offer specific and distinct advantages. However, each one of the different compact storage systems has its own characteristics, logistical nuances and, therefore its own individual specification, and our design team is at constant loggerheads to improvise performance, sustainability and cost efficiency, and that is why we are the most sought-after choice, and valued by our consumers.

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